Peter, is your social worker in that horse? (naginis) wrote in elitesimplicity,
Peter, is your social worker in that horse?

Guidelines 2.0

I thought it was time for an updated version of the guidelines of this comm (and a post that I can actually edit). :)

Rules of elitesimplicity.

First of all, what is a simple icon?
A simple icon is an icon where the subject, crop, coloring and lighting is the main focus. No busy compositions, text or attention-stealing textures.
And please note, the simplicity is judged on how the finished icon looks, not how much work it was to make it. An icon that is simple can take longer time than an icon that looks complex.
Some examples:

second_love / gallicka / second_love / scoobyatemysnax

theskyinside / adriftingsea / raiindust / wandererjulia

Special challenges
Sometimes we'll have special challenges that will allow for some extra elements. These things are NOT allowed in regular challenges.
Here are some examples:

Blending/blocking (blending with textures is ok):

second_love / talipuu / julie_izumi / absolutelybatty


monstersinyou / delacours / daaydreamer / petite_tomate

If your icon doesn't fit the theme/rules, I will tell you in a friendly manner and you can change your icon. If you don't change it, it will not be included in the voting.
And if you're unsure about your icons or have any other questions/comments, please feel free to message me or comment on any of my posts. :)
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