Nathalie (imaginary_lives) wrote in elitesimplicity,

Challenge 58


The icons you're making this week, all have to feature exactly two people who work closely together. This can be either at a regular job, or they could be fighting together against evil, or even fighting together against the good guys, as long as it's something they do as if it's their job. Apart from their working bond they could also be in a relationship or be family but they can also just have a very good friendship.
Both people do have to be (clearly) in the icon.

[Other examples]Any show that works with teams like Nikita, Leverage, Lost Girl, Buffy, Angel, Firefly, Legend of the Seeker, Torchwood, Fringe, anything with police teams (like The Killing, Beauty And The Beast, Chicago Fire...) are almost automatically correct.
There's also Doctor Who, Archer, Community (being students together can be counted), Misfits (community service), Parks & Recreation, The Sarah Connor Chronicles...

feel_the_fire | gigglemonster | vampire_sessah

• you can enter with three (3) icons
• deadline: Sunday 16th, DECEMBER, 10PM GMT+1 (current time?)
• post your icons + direct url
• TAG your entries with your username
• our regular rules apply
Tags: !challenge
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