August 13th, 2011

challenge 007 voting.

Thanks for participating! really stunning entries this time! you guys are amazing!

➳ Please read these rules before voting.
- Don't vote for yourself or ask others to do so for you.
- Keep your votes unbiased, please.
- Results will be announced tomorrow, if not the day after.

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challenge 006 winners.

first place: wildpages
second place: rahelcs
third place: justonebeat (thank you)
fourth place: justmyb0nes

best color: justonebeat (thank you)
best crop: rahelcs
most creative: wildpages
mods choice:  partitioning

Congratulations to everyone, thank you for entering,
if you really want a banner feel free to ask :) lovely entries guys!

(no subject)

so i'm confused as what challenge to have next i've got some ideas and i thought you guys could help me get an idea of what you would prefer here is a poll and i am also open for suggestions.

next chall

Close Crop
Star Wars
if none of these please suggest for this next challenge and future!

challenge 08

Seen as in the poll a lot of people voted this challenge, we will have this one next, though i am still leaving the poll open for the future as well as we need more suggestions, anyway everyone knows what a close crop it so i cant wait to see them all have fun and enjoy!

xeyra  darlingbones  daynawashere  sarisafari

• only use images of tv or film (general rule)
• you can enter up to three (3) icons 
• deadline: SATURDAY 20th AUGUST 
• post your icons + direct url 
• TAG your entries with your username 
• keep icons simple and clean