June 18th, 2011


Blood are hard caps to find but when you use a cap with blood on they always seen to look effective and the blood is good for colouring. I haven't seen many people do this sort of challenge so i thought it would be a good one to do. So go get bloody!

full of blood samples
lilhellsangel  darlingbones  bussbuss

• you can only use images/caps/etc of tv shows or films. (general rule of the com)
• you can enter up to three (3) icons 
• deadline: SATURDAY 25th JUNE 
• post your icons + direct url 
• TAG your entries with your username 
• look for some nice bloody caps. 
• keep icons simple and clean, only simple textures are allowed
such as soft light ones that lighten up. you are allowed duplication of
images but nothing too complex. Keep things simple.