Alexandra (innocent_lexys) wrote in elitesimplicity,

Mod post - Question

So, before I post the voting I have a question.

I saved the icons and the textures as well to put up a separate surprise voting for them and that is when I noticed that you, dear rowofstars used textures made by other people visible and not by yourself. Which is okay that you used other textures, but it was part of the challenge to use a texture made by you visibly. Your icons are gorgeous though! ♥

The question is, did the rest of you use your own textures visibly on the icon?
It doesn't matter if you used other textures, just the challenge was to make a texture on your own to use on it.

I hope I am making sense right now.

Thank you for your feedback on this post and I apologize, if I am confusing you.
Tags: !mod post
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