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challenge 32

After a lot of thinking about what the next challenge shall be, this is what I have come up with:

This challenge is different  Your task is to make a single icon with the selection of inspirations the person before you provides. You also need to supply a word, a texture, a screencapture/image and one of your favourite makers they can draw inspiration from. That is what the next person will work with and this gets passed on and on. I wanted to kind of spice up these pass it on challenges, so I hope you like this. You can make up to 5 icons this week, because this is fun, and I hope you get inspired!  Remember to still keep your beautiful creations simple, which might be a challenge this time around. ;)
So, the first row of inspirations: 

Word: controversy
Texture: by elli
Screencapture/Image: Jon Snow - Game of Thrones
Maker Inspiration: sarisafari

You may only use one of the inspirations, or all of them. That is completely your choice! So, for example: you may use the word "controversy" and the texture provided on a screencap of your choice..., or you may just be inspired by Sari and make an icon of your choice, or you can decide to just use the screencapture I provided, or just the texture. Basically you have a lot of freedom what to do with your inspirations provided, as long as you use at least one and let us know in your entry which one was it with an explanation.

Below is the form for the inspirations, so you just have to fill them out! :)


• you can enter up to five (5) icons 
• deadline: FRIDAY 23RD MARCH 
• post your icons + direct url 
• TAG your entries with your username 
• keep icons simple and clean
Tags: !challenge

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