Elena (luppiters) wrote in elitesimplicity,

252 · symbolic

I don't know what day it is and almost missed entering anything for this challenge. Finding caps that matched what I had in mind was a struggle but I think I managed? Even after making these, I am still thinking of other obvious ones I could've made, heee.

Temperance Brennan + Jeffersonian blue jumpsuit
Jason Mendoza + Florida and the Jacksonville Jaguars
Alaska Young + blue nail polish or cigarettes

Brennan's could also be "examining remains" - I didn't want to go overboard with remains and risking making it too complex. This is typical Brennan, with her ponytail, blue jumpsuit.
Jason's was just obvious. He loves the Jags so much and I happened to find that logo which was just perfect. Almost made one of him with his Molotov cocktails.
I've just recently started watching LFA, after having read the book a few years ago, but I found this image and couldn't let it pass.

Tags: luppiters

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